Archive for September, 2018

Concrete Harmony

A tumultuous colour-block that reinforces concrete with poetry, for an urban and symphonic street style, that embodies Paris, living it and dancing it loud and clear.

Urban Wonderland

Media hub Hiya brings urban culture to the public not just via online content but through monthly events IRL, too, aiming to bridge the gap between the digital and real world.

Noble Gabber

Urban and chic, the perfect style to reinvent the gabber way of life from a Rive Gauche perspective, with a drum’n’bass rhythm that resonates beyond the Seine.

Shake it up

We explore Dutch menswear design duo Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh’s avant-garde label BOTTER and their new appointment as creative directors for storied French fashion house Nina Ricci.

Carefree Kabbalah

Is it indifference or is it mystery? Those are the choices that this Giuditta-style score suggests, with a strong statement, free from all constraints. Long live the revival of uncompromising femininity!

Sex appeal

French artist Cédrix Crespel talks us through his erotically-charged bright canvases depicting seductive, strong women in various guises, including the ultimate muse: his wife.

Romantic hero

A muse of Glam-trash Pete Doherty, neo-romantic Jean des Esseintes is revisiting Poe, Baudelaire or even Verlaine reverting you back to a sentimental and charming chic-style.


Up-and-coming fashion label Neith Nyer, founded by Brazilian designer Francisco Terra and based in Paris, offers a refreshing new vision of womenswear that’s as glamorous as it is “ugly-pretty”.