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Women accessory

Find the essential accessories of our fashion series BuG # 01 ...!

Neon Powered

With a bright ambition to move forward, explore and create, the scene is set for free, bold movement and radical magic in unexpected clashing prints and blazing neon colours.

Optimistic Future

Optimistic Future

As we circle back around to Spring again and the light returns to Paris, we switch our outlook to bright, optimistic prints, wearing them boldly, energetically beaming.

Fashion for Bank Robbers

A digital ode to the beauty and experimental nature of wearable art, Instagram account @fashion_for_bank_robbers curates a virtual collection of the best headpieces and masks on the internet in a marriage of fashion and art.

Elegant Parisian Grunge

Parisian menswear designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, who trained in Belgium and Italy and has a penchant for everything Japan, talks us through his influences, his unique blend of grungy-yet-elegant activewear, his female clients and fashion in Paris in 2019.

Down to Earth Elegance

Concrete and metal play backdrop to an original take on relaxed urban elegance for the bright, warm months ahead. It’s a new kind of cool taking its cues from the natural state of the city.

The Thoughtful Rebel

Cool and clever, with a nod to the past, this season’s punk is buttoned up and yet breaking out of the box. In a mix of gothic black and tough leather, with subtle hints of history’s romance and modern pastels, we mix it all up to find we have a quiet rebellion on our hands.

The Fashion Machines

Julia Krantz, a self-described “artist in fashion and new technologies”, is the futurist behind the influential blog and Instagram @magicfabricblog and which explore the ever-changing interstices between “fashion and game technology” and 3D fashion.

Edouard Benedictus

Until the 23rd June 2019, Paris’ Musée Nissim de Camondo is exhibiting the works of remarkable multi-disciplinary painter, decorator, composer and scientist, Édouard Bénédictus, showing the connections he forged between the visual and performing arts in the 1920s.

Men accessory

Find the essential accessories of our fashion series BuG # 01 ...!