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Women accessory

Find the essential accessories of our fashion series BuG # 01 ...!

The Thoughtful Rebel

Cool and clever, with a nod to the past, this season’s punk is buttoned up and yet breaking out of the box. In a mix of gothic black and tough leather, with subtle hints of history’s romance and modern pastels, we mix it all up to find we have a quiet rebellion on our hands.

Prints in Harmony

Arthur Arbesser’s Spring Summer 19 collection for Milan Fashion Week is an ode to the art of two artists, Italian sculptor and ceramicist Fausto Melotti and Austrian sculptor Vally Wieselthier, linking the personal history of the designer in Austria and Italy to the collection in a cascade of prints.


Pierre Schmidt is a German digital collage artist based in Berlin but you may know him as @drømsjel on Instagram, where he has amassed a huge following and built a solid career posting his mind-melting art to the social media app.