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Women accessory

Find the essential accessories of our fashion series BuG # 01 ...!

Optimistic Future

Optimistic Future

As we circle back around to Spring again and the light returns to Paris, we switch our outlook to bright, optimistic prints, wearing them boldly, energetically beaming.

The art in the ordinary

American artist Cayce Zavaglia is creating slow, raw, honest art through her ultra-realistic embroidered portraits, stitched with needle and thread, asking us to stop and see the beauty and the art in real everyday people and ordinary materials.

Breaking the Pattern

French designer Odély Teboul launched her Berlin-based label in 2017 under a pseudonym, Lou de Bètoly, an anagram of the designer’s name, allowing her to playfully explore with recycled and luxury materials, using her background and know-how in Haute Couture to produce her solo collections.