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Beyond what the eye can see

Fashion illustration is a kind of distorting mirror in which one sees—by some magic trick—a more precise reflection. In the words of Marc-Antoine Coulon, the creative process of the illustrator involves going “beyond what the eye can see.”

An artist in pursuit of

We talk to August Östberg, Swedish photographic artist and art director based in New York City, about creating unique things, balancing the commercial and creative sides of art and Instagram as the new art gallery.

Latex Revolution

Running through the latex seams of everything young French fashion designer Arthur Avellano creates is an unmistakable spirit of insolence. The world of Avellano is one that humbly rejects fashion norms, inadvertently prodding at modern questions around insubordination, liberation, diversity and sustainability.

Mania in the street

Streetwear gets an unexpected update, in clashing prints and colours. Mania sets in and resolves itself simultaneously with surprising coherence, as all the shades of the rainbow, all the motifs in the natural and manmade world are reflected in pieces that beam bright.

Chromatic Dreams

Blocks of jewel tones in fine, natural materials illuminate dark dreams. Emerald, ruby, amethyst, citrine and topaz shine, brilliant and light, in oversized, embellished silhouettes, the intensity of colour and form make a strong impression where you become the gem.

The Fashion Machines

Julia Krantz, a self-described “artist in fashion and new technologies”, is the futurist behind the influential blog and Instagram @magicfabricblog and magicfabricblog.com which explore the ever-changing interstices between “fashion and game technology” and 3D fashion.

New Age Ninja

Walk deftly forward, light on feet, outfitted with pieces ready for action, for anything, with subtle nods to ninja couture. Surprising refinement is found in pieces functional in design, elegant and avant-garde in colour and print.

Sensory Overload

Mix yourself a margarita, pop on your shades and admire a glam rock sunset as you immerse yourself in Australian artist Jonny Nieshe’s vividly coloured, sense-stimulating structures.

A Flourishing Tale

We fall through the rabbit hole into a poetically green universe bursting forth with everything pure and flourishing. Flights of fancy meet structure in the natural world, where our heroine plays the part of the new age gardener of our minds.

Fashion for Bank Robbers

A digital ode to the beauty and experimental nature of wearable art, Instagram account @fashion_for_bank_robbers curates a virtual collection of the best headpieces and masks on the internet in a marriage of fashion and art.