Blow up Guild

Blowupguild makes two childhood dreams come true: stepping into the world of a fashion shoot and being totally immersed in the all-enveloping setting of a shop window display.


For each new issue, BuG will set the stage for its stories within a palette of four colours. These stories will begin with the online magazine and will continue to unfold in real life during an enjoyable, fully immersive event.
Our contributors will bring you a unique reading of new fashion talents in the context of mixed photo shoots, and their vision of design, photography, illustration and art within editorials.
Experience a paperless, inkless navigation with no interruption from ads.
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We will share with you our passion for young fashion designers, the visual world, whether digital, photographic, illustrated, 3D or even real. This is the common and sincere denominator between Blowupguild and its community.
BuG enables each member to share an enjoyable immersive experience with the people of their choosing.


Did you like our fashion selection? A selection of featured products is available to purchase online within the visual world of our fashion shoots.
Some rarer pieces might be subject to certain time constraints for delivery.
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BuG will offer punctually a real-life event especially for its members. The fashion shoots and items featured therein will be displayed so that their colours, fabrics and shapes can be fully appreciated.
Our members will be able make their wishes become a reality with an online transaction, thanks to the activation of a simple QR code.


Unlike a traditional distributor, we don’t hold stock. We simply give you access, in just one click, to available items within an existing distribution network.
Have your dreams delivered to you in Paris in just two hours, or to any other address with total peace of mind in two days.