_Purple edit

Freedom of expression—wild, bright and bold—comes through in the purple_edit, where we explore radical neon looks for Spring and Summer, interview Parisian designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi on his unique elegant activewear aesthetic and delve into the experimentation involved in creating wearable art.

_Mint edit

The mint_edit explores the quiet confidence that comes from questioning everything and looking a little bit deeper. From the colourful yet cool restraint of designer Arthur Arbesser, to the Punk historian in our fashion series, to Instagram sensation Drømsjel’s surrealist art, this edit will make you think and look twice.

_Sky blue edit

We imagine no limits with the open and expansive sky blue_edit, where bright, optimistic prints beam Paris in Spring energy, renegade embroidery artist Cayce Zavaglia explains her process to us and we discuss how Berlin-based brand Lou de Bètoly is breaking the luxury pattern.

_Sienna edit

The sienna_edit considers a down to earth type of elegance, exploring yesterday through decorative Art Deco artist Edouard Benedictus’ Paris exhibition, today with our urban elegance fashion series and tomorrow, talking to the futurist behind the influential blog and Instagram Magic Fabric Blog exploring 3D fashion.

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