_Green edit

Why a green Edit ? Certainly to catch a flash of good fortune.. The Concrete Harmony fashion série production day marked an adventure we share with you as a start and has turned a Parisian grey day into one of the most optimistic of the year!

_Pink edit

Welcome into BuG digital magazine! Do we confine pink for girls ?.. It may be the case… it asserts itself and reveal a strong character beyond genders. That's how we love it.<br>Enjoy browsing within BuG!

_Old pink edit

It’s quite difficult to name a color « old » as whilst browsing SS19 collections it is still of the most modern. But hush.. we won’t say another word as we are already working out our next partition…

_Yellow edit

There's no such thing as winter sun to appreciate black and white contrasts. Its delicacy reveal a multitude of shades as indeed nothing is really black or white… Those various shades touch us and even more it changes us much more deeply than we think…

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