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Cyril and Laurent have been exploring fashion and luxury, as well as commercial and marketing strategies, including scenography and visual merchandising, for nearly twenty-five years. Their common passion: fashion and creation.
Blow up Guild looks to support young designers in the decorative and visual arts by amplifying their voice and giving them exposure.
Time to set the camera, frame and focus, on these bright new talents.


Through its regular exclusive issues, Blow up Guild invites the reader to explore its full-blown and full-colour editorial line. This magazine issue marks the starting point by weaving a narrative that will later blossom into an IRL event.
Our contributors impart their vision of fashion, design, photography, illustration as well as of digital and analog arts.
While we get busy putting together our next issue, you can find our latest articles and photo series as they drop live in our newsfeed. Roam around our site sound on with the team’s favourite music coming from our audio player.
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We are passionate about all components of the visual arts world, whether they are in digital, analog, illustrated, 3D or even real-life format. All these elements enliven and feed our creative process, providing a sincere common thread shared by Blow up Guild and its community. Would you like to share your work with us? Tag us using #blowupguild on the relevant posts.
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We love the idea of being able to offer a selection of styles from the fashion series graphic palette, either through an e-commerce platform or events. Unfortunately, this service is currently unavailable. We will keep you updated on when it’s due to return in its new format.
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