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Welcome to our freshly updated BuG newsfeed. Not scripted, not black and white, but driven by one beat that echoes our creative interests and crushes. Work your way around a feed full of nuances and shared live. Let’s kick off with a new design section by catching the Thalys to Brussels to meet Hugues and Kenny, the designers behind Cobra Studios…

_mercury newsfeed

Back in Paris, we pop over to Garage Mu where François and Alex, photographers from our design editorial team, are at work. Striking the balance between warm and colder tones, the set blurs the lines for a peek at a design furniture selection showcasing East-to-West brutalism.

_haze newsfeed

Head in the clouds, caught in a reverie, our gaze fell upon the familiar face of a pop artist who used to roam the streets of Pigalle, day and night. Embark on a treasure hunt, in search of the perfect tempo, the colourful, hypnotic “sharp” stroke, tracking down the covers, posters and designs of Anatole Royer, founder of Parade studios.

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